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microchipRNR Associates has been in the semiconductor business for several decades. Our publications have been around for over a decade. Founder, publisher and editor, Roy Szweda launched a series of newsletters after leaving science publisher Elsevier where he had been the founding Editor for III-Vs Review. He is currently engaged in freelance writing work such as news release authoring, market research reports, online news clipping services, editorials and features.

We believe that there is an outstanding need for concise, regular information on this family of topics. The newsletter thus saves you time searching through all of the many online and print publications in electronics.

The family of newsletters has been in publication for over ten years. They have a special format in that they arrive on your desktop as an Acrobat file. The news items have a hyperlink to take you directly to the company in question. Each newsletter covers a fairly narrow range of technical and business aspects of the chosen subject. Also included is a regular update on issued and applied-for patents and new papers.

Designed to save you the effort and time of surveying all the diverse news sources on the web, these email newsletters bring the news to you. Print them out or view on screen, they are fully illustrated, concise and informative.

A special offer invitation is extended to new readers to show how the email newsletters work. By applying for a 3-issue free trial at absolutely no obligation, receipt of an email ensures the next three consecutive issues free and only then will we ask you to take up an annual subscription.

*EM&P is also available in a print edition in full colour.

RNR Associates operate from the UK. To contact us, please email rnrassociatesuk@gmail.com