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Electronic Materials & Packaging (EM&P) is an international bi-monthly review of technical and business developments in electronics packaging and assembly technology. Providing news updates, market information, Patents, informed comment and technical advice in a concise, accessible and readable format, it includes regular coverage of new products, new techniques and analysis of packaging and assembly trends.

In print since 1990, the newsletter is one of the world's few independent non-ad-supported publications in the field and is also available in a pdf format.

EM&P aims to help the technical manager and engineer with the implementation of packaging and assembly technology such as surface mount, tape automated bonding and multi-chip modules, through feature articles and reviews written by industry experts.

The major highlight of the electronic packaging future would seem to lie in the fields of Wafer Scale and Chip Scale Packaging along with Ball Connect Technology, Copper Posts and Redistribution techniques. EM&P will keep its readers fully up-to-date in these specific areas. General coverage includes:

Fine pitch
Multi-chip modules
Through silicon vias
Conductive adhesives
Design and test
Thick/thin film hybrids
Chip Stacking
Contract assembly
Green electronics
Lead-free assembly & hazardous substances
Surface mount technology
COB , TAB and flip-chip thermal management
Chip-scale packaging
Wafer level packaging
Copper Posts
Redistribution Techniques

EM&P is available by annual subscription only, please contact the publisher on the Home Page for email details.