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previewNitride News provides a convenient summary of the month's business and technology developments in the world of wide bandgap semiconductors. Coverage includes both optoelectronics (LEDs, lasers etc) and microelectronic devices for RF, power and others areas. Each issue contains news of developments in products, business, the literature, patent awards and applications; this newsletter is your concise monthly news source for gallium nitride, silicon carbide and other semiconductors.

Delivered to your desktop in a convenient acrobat file form, the newsletter is ideal for reading on-screen or print out for later perusal. Each news item has embedded hyperlinks to take you to further information online. This facility also includes "seen on the web" with summaries of breaking news and feature articles online for further reading.

An independently published newsletter, "Nitride News" is advertising free and available by annual subscription only. Sample issues and a trial free subscription can be obtained by return of email to the address on the home page. Institutional or academic subscription rates are available on request.

Companies or individuals wishing to submit news or feature articles should also contact the Editor via the email on the contacts page of this website.